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Eastland is becoming known as the 'City of Museums'. Many more museums are being planned and others are already in the process of being completed.
See list of museums coming to Eastland.

Eastland County Museum
Organized in 1992, the Eastland County Museum immediately began to archive period photographs and other memorabilia related to the county and the surrounding area. The first floor has a very large space for county and traveling exhibits. The second floor is divided into the original small office spaces where volunteers have displayed items representing many past and present communities of the county. These offices, with their original dark woodwork and patterned glass, will be used for permanent displays of history of each community in Eastland County. The basement includes the vault, used to secure important museum archives, and a large room for archiving. For more info, see website.

Law Enforcement Museum
Built in 1897, the old Eastland County Jail, contains many artifacts and memorabilia of Eastland County and Law Enforcement history. The jail once housed one of the infamous Santa Clause Bank Robbers in 1927 from a bloody bank heist  and carvings of his name inside his cell block can still be seen. Across the street from the County Jail and on the corner, sits a stone marker telling of the timeline and events that led up to, the last public lynching in Texas.
For more info, see website.

Outdoor Art Exhibit
Paintings in this outdoor museum are replicas of famous pieces by many well-known artist. Their purpose is to teach people about art history. Each display includes a short history of the artwork and artist. This project, prompted by the past and current high school art teachers and students, is an ongoing display that grows each month. Currently boasting over 30 pieces at various business locations, it began as an art history class project and has turned into a beautiful community activity involving many business leaders to also show off their talents. For more info, see website.



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